Bloxstrap version 2.7.0 has been released

Hello! Apologies for the issues with version 2.6. I had to rush the release on short notice, leaving no time for testing. It was a rough couple of weeks, but things have cleared up now.


  • Localization: Fully implemented at last! It now follows your system language by default, but you can manually select one in the Bloxstrap Menu’s appearance tab. A massive thank you to all the translators who contributed!
  • Flag Editor: The JSON import utility now allows easy import from a file.
  • Fast Flags: Added the ability to easily disable the configuration of any Fast Flags for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Roblox App Languages: Added the ability to use unsupported Roblox app languages.
  • Log File Access: You can now easily open Roblox’s current log file through the activity tracker menu.

Existing Changes

  • Release Notes: On version upgrade, new release notes now open in a webpage instead of just a notification popping up.
  • Second Instance Launching: The prompt to confirm second instance launching is now optional and disabled by default.
  • Bootstrapper Styles: Styles have been given more sensible names.
  • Fast Flags Presets: The presets section of the Fast Flags tab has been completely refreshed with more options and fixes for problematic presets.
  • Error Messages: A proper error message is now shown for downloads that failed verification.
  • Custom Integrations: Vastly improved functionality, with the added ability to specify files instead of only executables, applications now launching with the same working folder as the executable’s location, and a file picker dialog.
  • Exception Dialog: The message now references the Wiki, advising to read it before opening an issue.
  • Menu Alert Bar: Improved readability.
  • Scroll Bars: Always shown in the Bloxstrap Menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inconsistent handling of desktop app closing for “Don’t exit to desktop app” integration.
  • Fixed performance bug with the activity tracker, which also contributed to the above issue.
  • Fixed installation erroring if the given path had a lowercase drive letter (thank you @cryolithic!).
  • Fixed BloxstrapRPC not working under certain foreign system locales.
  • Fixed JSON exporter in the flag editor erroring when copying to the clipboard.
  • Fully implemented flag editor validation, now validating flag types and values.
  • Added a handler for if a log file cannot be written.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Bloxstrap version 2.6.1

That didn’t go as planned. It’s 12 AM, and my physics final is in 2 days. I’m so tired.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Git hash being included in the version number. This was due to a recent .NET change that I overlooked.


  • Removed the administrator privileges check.
  • Also, I realized I forgot to remove the “preferred materials” Fast Flag preset. Please don’t use it, as it won’t do anything.

That’s all for now. Please refer to the 2.6.0 changelog for details on all changes since version 2.5.4.

Bloxstrap v2.6.0

Hi everyone, I just remembered the password to my account!


  • New launcher styles! The launcher now resembles the contemporary Roblox launcher, especially the new Mac launcher.
  • If you launch Roblox while already in a game, you’ll be prompted for confirmation to avoid closing your existing game by accident (#606).

Existing Changes:

  • The flag for Bloxstrap FPS unlocking is now set only when necessary (#1938).
  • Menu footer now follows Windows 11 Mica coloring.
  • The “Disable desktop app” mod option is now “Don’t exit to desktop app” integration, fixing Roblox crashes when exiting a game. Activity tracking is required for this to work.
  • Big scary warnings have been added to the Fast Flag editor (spooky!). It’s located at the bottom.
  • Saving your changes in the menu is now non-destructive and does not close the menu (#825).
  • Activity tracker information fetching is now more efficient (thanks @Redusofficial).
  • Installation with administrator privileges is now blocked.
  • Embedded links in text are now highlighted in color.
  • TrueType Collection (.ttc) fonts are now supported as choosable fonts (#855).

Bug Fixes:

  • Dragging the table header of the Fast Flag editor no longer causes a crash (#1231).
  • Connectivity checking is now more efficient during network failures (#958).
  • Having a custom font configured on first installation no longer causes an install error (#1658).
  • Fixed permission errors when removing a custom font.
  • Added support for recent changes in Roblox’s deployment system to address the “403 (Forbidden)” errors that necessitated this release.


  • Multi-instance launching has been removed (see reasons for this).

We’ve also been working hard, especially @bluepilledgreat, on adding support for localization and translations. Expect to see these in a small patch update soon!

Bloxstrap version 2.5.4 has been released

primarily aimed at resolving recent issues and bugs encountered. Here are the key changes:

  1. Resolved the issue where font modding options were not visible on older Windows versions.
  2. Fixed text overflow in the flag import dialog.
  3. The channel selector feature has been removed; now, using a restricted channel will automatically switch you to the default one.
  4. Removed the option to configure rendering mode due to its instability; it will be reintroduced with better precautions in the future.

In Bloxstrap version 2.5.3, the following problems were addressed:

  1. Fixed the selected escape menu version not being applied when choosing either V1 or V2.
  2. Fixed errors in the deployment mirror selection, particularly the “503 (Service Unavailable)” error.

Moving on to Bloxstrap version 2.5.2:

  1. Addressed an “access is denied” bug occasionally encountered when launching Roblox.
  2. Improved error messages for common issues like failed auto-updating and shortcut creation.
  3. Fixed issues with closing the dialog while launching not halting the bootstrapper.
  4. Rectified the default application opener’s malfunction.
  5. Added measures to mitigate the “decryption operation failed” error.
  6. Ensured that the selected theme applies to the notification area icon menu.

Finally, Bloxstrap version 2.5.1 brought several improvements and removals:


  1. Fixed activity tracking.
  2. Addressed typos.
  3. Improved connectivity checking.
  4. Ensured the selected channel applies correctly.
  5. Enabled editing of flag names in the FastFlag editor.
  6. Introduced restrictions for choosing an install location.
  7. Improved file access conflict problems.
  8. Enhanced the exception dialog’s functionality.
  9. Fixed clipboard copying issues.
  10. Improved handling of bootstrapper cancellations.
  11. Defaulted the channel to LIVE if it doesn’t exist.
  12. Ensured the selected escape menu version displays correctly.
  13. Mods can no longer be altered while Roblox is running.
  14. FastFlag importing from JSON can now be done via copy-paste.
  15. Fixed issues with BloxstrapRPC rich presence configuration.


  1. Removed the ability to change install location after installation.
  2. Removed the built-in dropdown for channel selection.
  3. Removed the antialiasing quality preset due to rendering issues on Nvidia cards.
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