Bloxstrap v2.7.0

Bloxstrap is an open-source software, individuals can customize their Roblox experience. With this tool, users can add fonts and modifications, alter textures, and change typefaces without running any risks.

Bloxstrap is just a launcher; it has nothing to do with Roblox, but it won’t get your account banned either. Bloxstrap does not compromise your account, unlike Roblox exploits.

A lot of capabilities that are unavailable to regular Roblox users are provided by Bloxstrap. In light of that, many people want to use it. Unfortunately, Bloxstrap is not that simple to download, install, and use.

Many people have problems and difficulties when downloading and utilizing it on their personal computer. It’s possible that you are one of those players right now.

What is BloxStrap?


BloxStrap is a software or application that lets Roblox players create mods, change the fonts and graphics, and alter other aspects of the game.

In addition to these features, Bloxstrap allows you to operate several Roblox accounts on a single Windows computer, add shaders, and improve FPS.  Before you experience these amazing features, note that Bloxstrap is not compatible with Mac, iOS, or Android. Click the following Download button to get started.

It’s limited to Windows devices at the moment. Whatever the field, gratitude is owed to the inventor or owner. Pizzaboxer is the creator of this amazing piece of software.

Bloxstrap is available as an open-source program, and its source code can be found on GitHub. In the upper right corner of the GitHub screen, there is a Star icon. Click on it to show your love for Bloxstrap features. Interestingly, you need to sign into the GitHub website in order to like the software.

Bloxstrap Features

Bloxstrap differs from other bootstrappers with a variety of features. The following are some of the main features that Bloxstrap provides:


Bloxstrap makes it possible to customize Roblox using custom mods. It allows for extra downloads and comes with pre-installed mods. You can make your own mods if you know how to design.

Feeling of Discord

Roblox users may easily use Discord Rich Presence with Bloxstrap. With the help of this function, your friends can join you and see the specifics of your game on Discord. Your game's icon and status can also be customized.

Open Several Games

For testing or multi-game play enable Miscellaneous in Bloxstrap to run multiple Roblox game instances concurrently.

Switching Servers

To maximize your gaming experience, Bloxstrap's region checker shows you where Roblox servers are located and allows you to filter and switch servers based on region.

Several Modification

Selecting non-production Roblox release channels is an option.


The traditional "of" death sound, which is no longer available, can be accessed on Roblox. You can also make use of legacy features such as the avatar background from the previous version and the cursor from 2006 or 2013.

FastFlag editing

Roblox has a feature called FastFlafs that allows you to change the client's functionality or the game engine without installing a new client with each update.

Select a Theme

You can run Roblox and access settings, which changes how you interact with the game, using Bloxstrap's customisable launcher. For a customized appearance, a dark theme option is available.


Including Lua integrations to improve functionality and features.

Download Bloxstrap

App NameBloxstrap
Latest Versionv 2.7.0
Size7.7 MB
Last UpdateYesterday
Total Downloads313535

How to Download & Install Bloxstrap?

To simplify the process of getting Bloxstrap from GitHub, we’ve provided a downloadable file. Follow these steps to download and use Bloxstrap on Windows:

  • Go to Bloxstrap’s official website at
  • Scroll down until you see the Download button.
  • Click on the Download button.
  • After clicking, you’ll see multiple buttons.
  • Choose the Latest Version button to download the updated version.
  • The file will start downloading immediately.
  • Once the download is complete, locate the downloaded file in your Download Folder.
  • You’ll find the Bloxstrap.exe file there.
bloxstrap exe
  • Go ahead and click twice to kick off the installation procedure.

  • As you proceed, you might encounter a popup requesting you to install the .NET Desktop Runtime in order to execute this application.

Bloxstrap .NET application
  • Click the YES button to proceed.
  • Upon clicking, you will be directed to the official Microsoft website.
  • Once there, please wait until the download is finished.
bloxstrap .net
  • After completing the task, navigate to the Downloads directory. Once there, you’ll find the file named Windows Desktop Runtime.exe.
bloxstrap windows
  • To initiate the installation, simply double-click on it.
  • This action will prompt the setup window to open.
  • Within this window, locate and click on the Install button to proceed.
bloxstrap installation
  • Following that, you should click on the Next button repeatedly until the message ‘Installation completed successfully’ appears.
  • Once the installation is complete, open Bloxstrap on your computer.
  • Upon launching Bloxstrap, the Bloxstrap Menu will appear on your screen.
  • From there, you can tailor your Roblox gaming experience to your liking.
  • That’s all there is to it.

Please note that after installing Bloxstrap on your computer, it will be listed as an application in the Start Menu. To access it later, simply press the Windows button and search for Bloxstrap as demonstrated in the image below.

bloxstrap menu

Once that’s done, simply click the “Open” button to initiate the application. Upon doing so, the Bloxstrap menu will promptly display on your screen.

Bloxstrap ScreenShot

Why is Bloxstrap Bootstrapper used?

Some Roblox players may find the official Roblox launcher’s restrictions and limits bothersome. Perhaps you’ve run upon problems like:

  • The Roblox client’s functionality and look cannot be altered.
  • Requirements for game testing and development are difficult to acquire and adjust in FastFlags Discord and other social media platform integration is lacking.
  • Roblox games do not offer the ability to use custom music or sounds.
  • Using third party solutions that demand a puts you at risk of losing your data or account.
  • Cookie ROBLOSECURITY incompatibility with certain features and updates of Roblox.

Bloxstrap gives you a strong and adaptable bootstrapper that allows you to customise and improve your Roblox experience, which solves all of these issues and more.

Bloxstrap allows you to:

Modifications and themes can be used to alter the Roblox client’s appearance and feel.

  • You may simply and safely edit FastFlags to enable or disable different Roblox features.
  • Use Discord Rich Presence integration to ask friends to join you and display your current game status.
  • To add some flavor to your gameplay, add custom sounds and music to Roblox games.
  • Prevent the requirement for a.ROBLOSECURITY cookie and safeguard your information.
  • Continue to work with all Roblox updates and gain access to unofficial Roblox channels. Bloxstrap is a game-changer, not simply a bootstrapper.
  • Bloxstrap allows you to customize Roblox to your own style.


Bloxstrap is the best bootstrapper for Roblox, allowing you to add themes, mods, FastFlags, Discord Rich Presence, unique noises, and more to personalize and improve your Roblox experience. Bloxstrap is securing, free, open-source, and works with all Roblox updates and versions. For fans of Roblox who wish to advance their gaming, Bloxstrap is the ideal tool.


Frequently Asked Question of Bloxstrap

Bloxstrap’s most recent version can be downloaded and installed from the download page. Bloxstrap will add itself to your Start Menu, where you may visit the menu and adjust your choices as necessary. You will also require the.NET 6 Desktop Runtime.

Bloxstrap is safe to use because it is merely a launcher and does not interact with or alter the game client itself. Since Bloxstrap is also open-source, you can examine and confirm the integrity of the code.

  • Bloxstrap does not ask for your Roblox account credentials, nor does it gather or keep any personal information.
  • Bloxstrap is not associated with, approved by, or certified by Roblox Corporation.

When a new version of Bloxstrap is released, it will automatically check for updates and let you know.

Bloxstrap installs and adds itself to your Start Menu, where you may access it and adjust your options as necessary. Right-clicking the Bloxstrap symbol in your taskbar’s notification area will also bring up the menu.

For more detailed instructions and tutorials on using Bloxstrap, visit the blog. In order to communicate with other users, report bugs, request features, and seek assistance from the developers, you can also join the Discord server and Telegram group

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