Roblox is still capped to 60 FPS after raising the limiter

If your framerate limit in the Bloxstrap menu is set above 60 FPS but you’re still seeing it stuck at 60 FPS, there could be various reasons for this. This guide covers potential issues, so consider each step carefully.

  1. Check if you’re actually being capped:
    Some users report that Roblox “doesn’t feel unlocked” even when the framerate is set higher. Press Shift + F5 to display a framerate counter and check the ‘FPS’ stat. If it never exceeds 60, continue reading.
  2. Verify if Bloxstrap is active:
    If you don’t see the Bloxstrap launcher before Roblox starts, Bloxstrap isn’t functioning, and your mods won’t be applied. To fix this, open the “Play Roblox” shortcut on your desktop to register Bloxstrap as Roblox’s launch handler.
  3. Ensure Bloxstrap applies mods:
    Bloxstrap won’t check for mods if Roblox is already running in the background. Open Task Manager and ensure you’re viewing all details. Check if Roblox is running and close it if necessary. Then, try opening Roblox again.
  4. Check exclusive fullscreen settings:
    Exclusive fullscreen mode, activated by Alt + Enter, can enable VSync, limiting your framerate. Turn off exclusive fullscreen and verify if your fps remains capped.
  5. Review laptop performance settings:
    Gaming laptops may have battery-saving features that limit FPS. Ensure your laptop is plugged into a power outlet for optimal performance. Access your system’s control program to adjust performance settings, such as choosing “High performance” in power plans.
  6. Check NVIDIA Control Panel (for NVIDIA GPU users):
    Your framerate might be capped in the NVIDIA Control Panel under ‘Manage 3D Settings’ and ‘Max Frame Rate’. Adjust this setting as needed.

By going through these steps, you can troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue of your framerate being stuck at 60 FPS in Bloxstrap.

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